Ireland - A Marxist Site

This article which was originally published by the Red Plough earlier this year is a review of our website. We are very pleased to republish it here.

A marxist web site has just passes over 200.000 hits on the internet. The web site has only been in existence for two and a half years. Another marxist site in existence since 2001 has had only 86,000 approx hits. The site is called Fightback and is the online journal of the International Marxist Tendency in Ireland.(

As a site it is navigated with different sections on youth, trade unions history international ,marxism the IMT itself and Ireland.The Ireland section is divided into two parts-politics and the North. (I declare an interest having a number of articles printed in the North and History sections-GR)

The articles(by other writers )are well written and examine the impact of capitalism on Ireland. For example “Irish emigration masks the unemployment crisis” deals with the curse of irish people for generations -emigration. Using statistics from official sources the short article sums up all the reasons why capitalism does not serve the irish people and argues for an international solution to the capitalist crisis-socialism.There is also a series of articles on the politics of bigotry which exposes the sectarianism at the heart of Imperialism in ireland.

The web site also exposes the role of the Labour party in betraying their election promises and appeals for Labour’s rank and file to pressure that Party to break from the coalition. It opposes the Household Water and Septic Tank taxes. In clear unemotional language it puts forward the case for socialism in Ireland. Its main orientation is towards the trade union movement and youth and it has the aim of developing a strong marxist tendency within the labour movement across the island of ireland.

Its aim is to give the working class the tools to fight back against capitalism-tools that are both theoretical and practical. For a sober analysis of capitalism in ireland this site is well worth a visit.

Below is what Fightback stand for

“We base ourselves on the ideas of Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, VI Lenin, James Connolly and Leon Trotsky; the basic principles of the Marxist movement.- We'd urge you to join with us in the fight for Socialism.”

Where we stand

  • Nationalise the banks and the major industries under the democratic control of the working class
  • You can’t control what you don’t own we need a democratic socialist plan of production
  • Nationalise any factory or business threatening redundancy under workers control and management.
  • Make the bosses pay for the crisis.
  • "Social Partnership" has proven little more than a trap for the working class. Industrial action to protect jobs, services, wages and conditions.
  • No sale of state assets; privatisation is piracy
  • Not a cent off the pay, not a second on the day.
  • No wage cuts or attacks in conditions on either side of the border
  • Break the Coalition with Fine Gael. For a  Labour and Left Government with a socialist programme.
  • No collaboration with the bosses. Labour must support the workers in struggle.
  • A 32 hour working week with no loss of pay
  • For a €12.50 per hour minimum wage.
  • For a free and universal health care system
  • Affordable and adequate housing for all, no reposessions
  • Place empty housing under state control; slash the housing queues
  • No to all Household Taxes!
  • Fight all discrimination whether on the grounds of religion, age, race, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Fight anti union legislation. For full union recognition in all workplaces - with no loopholes
  • No to the Lisbon Treaty; No to a Bosses Europe, for a Socialist United States of Europe.
  • No to Stormont and the sectarian blind alley of the Good Friday Agreement
  • For a mass non sectarian workers party in the north, based on the trade union movement
  • For a 32 county Socialist United Ireland linked in a voluntary federation to a socialist Britain as part of a European and World Socialist Federation.
  • Workers of all countries unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains