IMT: Ireland

 Updated 21/6/2014

Fightback is the printed Magazine and online journal of the International Marxist Tendency in Ireland. The website was launched in July 2009 and in a few weeks short of five years has now surpassed 990,000 hits. In a few weeks time we are confident of hitting the next big milestone 1 million hits.

Fightback carries regular updates on the political and industrial situation throughout the island of Ireland and internationally. The historic defeat of FF and the Greens in the last election reflected the extent of the economic and political crisis in the state. Now a little more than three years into the  FG/Labour coalition its clear that nothing significant has changed in terms of the economic situation. The coalition government is coming under pressure from the bosses on the one side and the Labour leaders delivering capitalist austerity have squandered the mandate they received from workers in the general election. Labour is now on 4% in the polls.

The referendum on the fiscal treaty was passed. But it solved nothing. It merely tied the state into a permanent austerity programme. The anarchy of Capitalism is the problem. We need to get rid of it and replace it with a 32 county socialist united Ireland.

Tens of thousands have emigrated, many more will do so in the future. Unemployment rates are still high despite this safety valve - which has returned once again.

The European and local elections saw a big surge in support for Sinn Féin as all the parties associated with the austerity were hammered. Especially Labour. Yet SF offers nothing of substance for working people. Merely a timid nationalist agenda with a bit of window dressing for working people.

Labour must break the coalition and fight for a socialist programme in the interests of working people and the youth. To continue to cling to the coat tails of Fine Gael will only lead to an electoral rout. Capitalism is in an organic crisis. The party must return to its socialist roots and the ideas of Connolly and Larkin.

In the North the effects of public sector cuts will mean the loss of up to 48,000 jobs. There have been two huge strikes, first on October 5th and then November 30th 2011 which was almost a General Strike in the North. The trade unions have a duty to fight against the cuts and to provide a mass working class political alternative to the sectarian blind alley of Stormont.

There is a huge political vacuum in the North, most clearly expressed as a crisis of unionism and loyalism. There is only one majority in the North - the working class; and it needs a political expression.

7427 james_connolly_posterThe next period will see a heightening of the class struggle both North and South of the border. Under these conditions the ideas of Marxism will be an invaluable tool for the trade union movement and for the youth. We hope to bring together those workers and young people who recognise the need to develop a strong Marxist Tendency within the Labour movement and among the Youth across the whole of the Island of Ireland. Through the International Marxist Tendency we also seek to connect with young Irish emigrants, who are often among the most energetic and radical layers of the Youth. The International Marxist Tendency organises in more than 30 countries worldwide. See for more details of the IMT.

We base ourselves on the ideas of Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, VI Lenin, James Connolly and Leon Trotsky; the basic principles of the Marxist movement. Over the past 5 years we have been extremely encouraged by the response that we have had to this website. We now have regular readers in all of the cities in Ireland, in all 32 counties as well as many towns and villages and at the last count 168 countries internationally also. 

We are confident that we have the best international coverage of any left website in Ireland, as well as the most up to date analysis. Our coverage of the Greek crisis and events in Ukraine and in the Middle East has been second to none.

We are confident that our perspectives and analysis have been borne out by events and we would encourage you to read the articles posted on the site. We know as well that our articles have been translated and reprinted in Spanish, Portugese, Catalan, Italian, Dutch and German as well as other languages and have been circulated throughout Latin America and Europe. We would recommend you to read our material and study the theoretical material that we have reproduced.

Most importantly we'd urge you to join with us in the fight for Socialism.

What we stand for:

  • Nationalise the banks and the major industries under the democratic control of the working class
  • You can’t control what you don’t own we need a democratic socialist plan of production
  • Nationalise any factory or business threatening redundancy under workers control and management.
  • Make the bosses pay for the crisis.
  • "Social Partnership" has proven little more than a trap for the working class. Industrial action to protect jobs, services, wages and conditions.
  • No sale of state assets; privatisation is piracy
  • Not a cent off the pay, not a second on the day.
  • No wage cuts or attacks in conditions on either side of the border
  • Break the Coalition with Fine Gael. For a  Labour and Left Government with a socialist programme.
  • No collaboration with the bosses. Labour must support the workers in struggle.
  • A 32 hour working week with no loss of pay
  • For a €12.50 per hour minimum wage.
  • For a free and universal health care system
  • Affordable and adequate housing for all, no reposessions
  • Place empty housing under state control; slash the housing queues
  • No to all Household Taxes!
  • Fight all discrimination whether on the grounds of religion, age, race, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Fight anti union legislation. For full union recognition in all workplaces - with no loopholes
  • No to the Lisbon Treaty; No to a Bosses Europe, for a Socialist United States of Europe.
  • No to Stormont and the sectarian blind alley of the Good Friday Agreement
  • For a mass non sectarian workers party in the north, based on the trade union movement
  • For a 32 county Socialist United Ireland linked in a voluntary federation to a socialist Britain as part of a European and World Socialist Federation.
  • Workers of all countries unite! We have nothing to lose but our chains