Five years since the death of Phil Mitchinson

Five years ago today Comrade Phil Mitchinson passed away tragically at the age of 38. Phil was an outstanding Marxist and a leader of the International Marxist Tendency. He played an important role in the development of our work in Ireland and also edited the British Socialist Appeal for a period. Phil who was from South Wales but based in London for many years would have been overjoyed to see the new layer of youth who have adhered to the International Marxist Tendency in Britain and internationally, something he worked so hard for. To commemorate this occasion we would like to recommend Phil’s speech at the World School of 2005 Socialism and the long struggle for Irish freedom, his much discussed piece Marxism and Direct Action, which has become relevant again today with the #Occupy movement, and Phil Mitchinson - Comrade, Friend and Fighter written by Rob Sewell the day after he died.

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