Marxist Theory: Educate Yourself

Trotsky gave some very good advice in his short article Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin. We recommend everyone interested in studying the ideas of Marxism start by reading it. We also suggest reading If America Should Go Communist by Leon Trotsky and The Principles of Communism by Frederick Engels, and Workshop Talks by James Connolly. In particular the ABC of Communism by Nikolai Bukharin and Evgenii Preobrazhensky gives an excellent overview of many of the basic concepts of Marxism and a look at some of the progress made during the early years of the Soviet Union.

Science and Dialectical Materialism

Historical Materialism

Marxist Economics

Marxism and the State

Marxism and the National Question

Marxism and War

Russia, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin

Marxism and Anarchism

Marxism and Religion

Marxism and Feminism


Organisation and Tactics

Other Important Works