Organisation and Tactics


The International Marxist Tendency, is active in around 40 countries. Our aim is to spread the ideas of Marxism, in an organised fashion, in the workers and youth movement. Only the working class has the ability to change British society, because of the central role they play in production and their shared interest in establishing socialism.

However, we must carefully study the history and traditions of the  working class in order for Marxist ideas to connect with them. There are all too many groups who simply declare themselves the vanguard of the working class, and have a dismissive attitude to the class’ real traditions.

In this section readers will find a series of articles explaining our position on the class struggle, the key points in the history of the working class and the lessons to be learnt from them, and the strategy of the Marxists in relation to the movements of the masses. Many of the articles by Ted Grant deal with aspects of the class struggle in Britain as well as classics from Lenin and Trotsky. We believe that there are lessons for the Workers international and in Ireland.

Introductory articles

Interview With Ted Grant on Militant - Fred Weston

Origins of British Trotskyism - Rob Sewell

Where to Begin? - Lenin

Our Programme - Lenin

The Trade Unions in Britain - Leon Trotsky

Longer articles

Problems of Entryism - Ted Grant

On the Mass Organisations - Ted Grant

How the Militant Was Built and How it Was Destroyed - Rob Sewell

Marxism and the Labour Party - Rob Sewell

The New Turn: A Threat to Forty Years' Work - In Defence of Marxism

The Trade-Unions in the Epoch of Imperialist Decay - Leon Trotsky

Marxist classics and books

Bolshevism: The Road to Revolution - Alan Woods

History of British Trotskyism - Ted Grant

In the Cause of Labour: a History of British Trade Unionism - Rob Sewell

Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder - Lenin

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Lenin

What is to Be Done? - Lenin


Bolshevism - Alan Woods

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