Croke Park walk out – fight for a 24 Hour Public Sector General Strike

RTÉ reports tonight that IMO, INMO, the CPSU and UNITE have walked out of the Croke Park talks, describing government proposals as unrealistic. General Secretary of INMO Liam Doran has threatened that the union will escalate its response if the government tries to legislate to impose pay cuts.

As RTÉ reports:

“INMO General Secretary Liam Doran said that if the Govenrment moved to legislate for pay cuts, they would mobilise by all means at their disposal to resist the measures.

He also said that they would be looking very long and hard at TDs going into Leinster HOuse to cut the pay of people earning half of their wages”.

Meanwhile the GRA has refused to take part in the talks, Gardai have begun to take some limited action and have picketed the talks.

Meanwhile IMPACT have continued with negotiations as have SIPTU with Jack O’Connor being critical of the rally organised by the 24/7 Front Line alliance.

RTÉ reports O’Connor as saying:

In a criticism of last Monday's rally of members of the 24/7 Frontline Alliance, he said it would take a great deal more than the expenditure of hot air and windy rhetoric in basketball arenas to achieve a successful outcome in this battle”.

We would agree that even the most militant rally won’t beat the austerity. But on the other hand we suspect that “talks about talks about talks” won’t be any more successful. The experience of the last series of talks is that the only way to budge the public sector employers and the government is coordinated militant industrial action.

Instead of criticizing those unions that have walked out of the talks SIPTU and IMPACT should be meeting with the 24/7 Front line alliance and discussing plans to campaign in every branch in every town and city for a 24 hour Public Sector General strike.